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Federally licensed Dealer/Gunsmith located in Lawton of Southwestern Oklahoma. A2Z Gunworks LLC is here to provide services and merchandise for all your firearms needs. In 2015, we were issued our federal firearms license. Even though we are new to being licensed, we are not new to firearms. Having performed maintenance as a contractor on Small Arms weapons for 8 years. Our mission and goal is to help you make your firearms more reliable, durable, and suitable for specific use. Whether you need it for hunting, self-defense, sporting or tactical use. Each and every gun owner wants their firearm to operate and perform while uniquely standing out. We want to help you achieve this through upgrades and customization. Almost every firearm on the market has upgrades or new components being produced. Through research and general knowledge of the market, we know what is available for your specific model. Being a dealer for many manufacturers we can assist in special orders on that certain firearm that has been on your wish list. We also have networks with several manufacturers and distributors that gives us access to accessories and other firearm related items. One of the most common upgrades we do at A2Z Gunworks LLC is refinishing the factory coating with a ceramic based Gunkote. We use KG Industries Gunkote that comes in almost every color, and can be customized through use of patterns and stencils. KG Gunkote is one of the most durable coatings on the market and is tested to surpass that of factory finishes. In order for us to achieve a quality and durable finish, we must fully disassemble, cleanse, and sandblast your items down to its bare before applying Gunkote. After applying your choice of color(s), we put the parts through a curing cycle in our custom air circulating oven. This hardens the protective coating and bonds to the part, giving it a finish that will last a lifetime. Almost all parts including the internals and polymer/plastic parts can be coated and put through curing cycles. Please visit our service page for more info and pricing, or contact us by email for a direct estimate. **Firearms painted in bright colors may look like a toy to children! Please keep your firearms secured and/or in a safe to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms.



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